Documentation for the Noteable Service

Usage Guides

An introduction to Notebooks

A general guide to what computational notebooks are, how to use one, what tools and things are available, and how they work in Noteable.

Student Guide to Assignments

Some course assessment work may be done through "Assignments" in Noteable.

This is what you, as a student, need to know.

Instructor Guide to Assignments

Computation "Assignments" can be a good way to confirm a student's understanding of course-work.

This guide will help you undertand what the system in Noteable can (and cannot) do, how to work with it, and some thoughts on how to write assignments.

The core nbgrader documentation is also a good source of material on working with assignments (caveat: It has a slightly different set of assumptions about the working environment).

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page has a collection of questions that often get asked.

Notebook Descriptions

We have descriptions of each of our Notebook Servers, which will give the users of Noteable an idea of what libraries and extensions are installed in each of them.

This is not a comprehensive list, however it does list the libraries and extensions we have specifically chosen to install.

Hover over the library name for a brief description of that library, and the version installed. Each library should also link to the documentation for that library.

Teaching Guides and Templates


Tutorial-style notebooks of libraries which could be useful for academics when writing worksheets and assignments.


Template-style notebooks which can be used as a basis when creating assignments for courses.

Quick Reference Guides

Quick guides for Markdown and Assignments.

Notebook Exemplars

Links to exemplar notebooks that use different libraries pre-installed in Noteable, which can be used as templates or inspiration for your own pieces of code.

Geospatial Notebooks

Exemplar notebooks and tutorials using python geospatial libraries pre-installed in the Geospatial Notebook.

Machine Learning Notebooks

Exemplar notebooks and tutorials using python libraries pre-installed in the Standard Notebook.

Statistics with R Notebooks

Exemplar notebooks and tutorials using R libraries for statistical analysis pre-installed in the R with Stan Notebook.


A small selection of videos about Noteable, Jupyter Notebooks, or the nbgrader assignments system.

Policy Documents

The accessibility statement for Noteable
Cookies policy
The Noteable cookie policy statement
Data Retention
The Noteable data retention policy
Privacy notice
The Noteable privacy statement
Service Updates
Record of significant changes to the Noteable service
Usage Policy
The service-usage policy for Noteable