Teaching Guides and Templates

The following notebooks can run in the Standard Notebook Server.


Bar Charts tutorial

  • Guide to creating bar charts in notebooks

Beginner notebook tutorial

  • Quick start guide for users unfamiliar with notebooks
  • Outlines what a “cell” is and how to interact with cells
  • Briefly explains the kernel.

Bokeh Tutorial

  • Guide to creating interactive plots with plot tools, widgets and annotations
  • Demonstrates basic widgets from bokeh and provides more complex examples of use

Scatter Graph tutorial

  • Guide to creating scatter graphs in notebooks

Widgets Tutorial

  • Guide to utilizing widgets while constructing a notebook to make it more interactive
  • Demonstrates basic widgets from ipywidgets and provides more complex examples of use


The following notebooks are intended to be used as a starting point for assignments/worksheets which can be customized for the individual course.

Assignment Skeleton

  • Skeleton assignment sheet which can be used as base to copy and paste other formats of worksheets into
  • Pre-formatted instructions and blank questions for the teacher and student

Quick Reference Guides

The following notebooks can be used as guides to formatting the notebooks and assignments.

Assignments Quick Reference

  • Provides a template from which to copy and paste or get ideas
  • Example question and answer styles for notebook assignments

Markdown Quick Reference Guide

  • Provides a quick reference to the basics of markdown