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Student Guide to Using Noteable for Assignments

Accessing assignments

First ensure that you have accessed Noteable through the correct course. If you go into Noteable from the wrong link, you may not have access to the right assignments. Choose the Standard Notebook (unless advised otherwise by the course organiser) and press Start.

Fetching an assignment

Once in Noteable, go to the Assignments tab. The assignment will appear in the Released assignments section. Press Fetch in order to get the assignment onto your launch page (download assignment to home directory). It will move to the Downloaded assignments section on the Assignments page.

The following images are what you see before and after fetching an assigment in the Assignments tab.

Screenshot of before fetching assignment Screenshot of after fetching assignment
Completing the assignment

In your files directory, there is now a folder for your course (look for a folder named after the course code). The folder will contain all of the assignments for this course. You can now access the assignment by clicking on the relevant folder. You can open and edit the contents of the notebook from this folder.

Screenshot of what is inside the assignment folder

Within the notebook, there will be three kinds of cells. You will not be able to (and shouldn’t need to) edit read-only cells as these will most likely hold the instructions and explanations for the exercises. You add your code inside answer cells (either manually or autograded depending on the type of question). Each cell that requires an answer will be indicated by:
raise NotImplementedError()

The third celltype you could encounter is the autograder test cell. This will include code such as assert that tests if the code you created works correctly. If all answers are manually graded, there won’t be any test cells in the notebook.

Once you’ve finished working on the assignment, click Save, then Close and Halt in the File tab within the notebook.

Submitting your assignment

Make sure you did not change the name of the assignment or the names of any of the notebooks, folders and files within the assignment folder. If you change the name of one of the notebooks, it doesn’t get submitted with the folder. If you change the name of the assignment, you won’t be able to submit it at all. Each submission has the identifier provided by your VLE to Noteable embedded in the submission so you don’t need to change the name of the assignment to your student ID or exam number!
Go back to the Assignments tab and click on the name of the assignment. You can choose Validate to check you passed basic tests (this will not submit the assignment) or click Submit.

Your teacher might not include any autograder test cells, which would be visible to you as a cell containing code such as assert, then validating the assignment will be successful on default. If running the notebook generates an error in these test cells, a pop-up window points you toward the error and the Validate button turns red. If the notebook runs without any issues, the Validate button turns green.

Once you are happy with your assignment, click Submit. In case you change something after submission, you can resubmit the assignment through Noteable, although discuss with your teacher if they allow multiple submissions.

Screenshot of assignment tab when submitting/valisating an assigment
Accessing feedback for your assignment

Once feedback is available for your assignments, you will be able to access it by clicking on Fetch Feedback next to your assignment under the Submitted assignments tab. If the feedback has already been released, a link will appear next to the time of submission labelled view feedback. This will take you to a page with a static image of your notebook with the feedback included.