Create and share computational notebooks hassle-free for teaching and learning through your VLE. Use any language and environment through a centralised hub. Built from the powerful Jupyter project, Noteable.

Noteable builds on the best practise in efficiency, quality and collaborative leadership for research and innovation of the centre for digital expertise, EDINA. Set up classes and activities with low barriers to access. Run from the Cloud in your browser. Weave natural, numerical programming languages.

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Our Notebooks

Noteable provides access to the following widely-used computational notebooks

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What our clients say

Noteable unleashes your potential as a Data Scientist, Teacher, Student or Researcher.

Interspersing live code blocks with narrative content makes for a wonderfully efficient and interactive classroom and online experience.


Digital Skills and Training Manager

Very easy to use and allowed me to deliver working examples live in lectures and for students to work with at home. No complicated set-up, works straight from a browser.


Lecturer, School of Informatics

For larger courses, or those containing students with less computing experience this is undoubtedly a huge benefit of using the Noteable service.


Lecturer, School of mathematics

Built for learning, ready for your creativity

Develop and run code in your browser regardless of industry or skillset.


Simple class environment, create assignments, autograde.


Code straight away, pick up where you left off, anywhere, anytime.

Data scientists

Analyse large datasets, run simulations, develop machine learning.

Analytics engineers

Run code, explore data, present results.

Business experts & students

Powerful tools for professionals.

Economics experts & students

Realise trends, unlock human potential.

What we offer

Noteable provides the tools and support, whatever your level of skill or knowledge, to deliver narratively rich coded solutions and enables computational narratives to be readily created, shared, and reused

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Seven million job openings in 2015 were in occupations that required coding skills.

Programming jobs overall are growing 12% faster than the market average.

Uses include:

Data Cleaning

Data cleaning and preparation is a critical first step in any machine learning project. We often think of data scientists as spending lots of time tinkering with algorithms and machine learning models, but the reality is that most data scientists spend most of their time cleaning data. Noteable provides the tools to do and check data cleaning effectively.

Statistical Modelling

Statistical modelling is an important part of risk analysis and safety in various engineering areas (mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering), in the management of natural hazards, in quality control, and in finance. Noteable enables you to analyse data using descriptive statistics and graphical tools, estimate distribution parameters,build flexible models to allow estimation of quantities and associated uncertainty measures, and more.

Numerical Simulations

Numerical simulations are used to study the behaviour of systems whose mathematical models may be too complex to provide analytical solutions, as in most nonlinear systems. In business, it can be used to model a product, then test it on a platform like Noteable. This is also called virtual prototyping or virtual testing and can be a cost-effective method to gain insight into what is really going on with the moving parts behind your product or service.

Machine Learning

Noteable sees the value of a Jupyter notebook environment, which is why it offers cloud-hosted notebooks. While many Data Scientists do not have the necessary hardware for conducting large scale Deep Learning, with a cloud-hosted environment the hardware and back-end configurations are mostly taken care of, which leaves the user to only configure their desired parameters with Noteable.

Pricing plan

Affordable subscriptions for your needs.

Package typesYearly cost per userAnnual fee for maximum № of users
Small course / webinar / workshop package - 1 to 50 users£50£2,500
Medium-sized course package - 51 to 100 users£45£4,500
Large course package - 101 to 200 users£38£7,600
Very large course package - 201 to 350 users£31£10,850
Core course/XXL course package - 351 to 500 users£24£12,600
Over 500 users£20Contact us

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