Introduction to the Multi-Marker system

The Multi-Marker Assignments feature allows all instructors in a course to set up, collect, and grade assignments collaboratively.

Tips on Managing Files and Data

  • Instructors should discuss and agree on how to share grading responsibilities outside of Noteable.
  • Multi-markers is not compatible with the previous individual instructor assignments system. When MultiMarker is enabled, all new assignments for a course will be under a new folder called instructor-courses instead of source.
  • Any old/existing assignment files from the individual assignments system will remain in a user’s home directory.
  • Read how to set up assignment in Noteable

Technical notes:

  • The Command Line Interface now works for all assignment cycle steps.
  • The directory structure for instructors has been updated for the steps in the old path to the new path as outlined in the table below. The student side is unchanged.
  • NBgrader actions, using either the normal web user interface or the command-line alternatives, remain unchanged for instructors & students.
  • For those instructors wishing to access the gradebook database, data is now stored in a central database.
  • For instructors wishing to access the current course assignment files directly, files are now stored in instructor-courses/<course code>.
  • The path of files in multi-marker is instructor-courses/<course code>/<grading step>/<assignment code>/<student>/<files>.

New Instructor side

stepold pathnew path
source~/source/<assignment code>~/instructor_courses/<course code>/source/<assignment code>
assignment_generated~/release/<assignment code>~/instructor_courses/<course code>/release/<assignment code>
collected~/<course code>/collected/<student>/<assignment code>~/instructor_courses/<course code>/submitted/<assignment code>/<student>
autograded~/autograded/<student>/<assignment code>~/instructor_courses/<course code>/autograded/<assignment code>/<student>
feedback_generated~/feedback/<student>/<assignment code>~/instructor_courses/<course code>/feedback/<assignment code>/<student>

Student side (unchanged)

assignment_fetched~/<course code>/<assignment code>
feedback_fetched~/<course code>/<assignment code>/<feedback>